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How to Purify Air
with an Ozone Generator

Many people believe that they need air purification.

This may be true, BUT they also may need odor deodorization and bacterial sterilization so that the air is naturally fresher because the source of the odor has been retarded.

The most important point to understand 
is that there are two very different ways to use ozone.

When using an ozone generator for air purification
it is recommended to use as little as ozone as possible. 

Air Purification is a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT USE of ozone from
High Ozone Shock Treatments that are designed for removing  serious odors such as mold.

It is recommended to pre treat areas with High Ozone Shock Treatments
in unoccupied rooms, to first remove the source of the odor 
before attempting ozone air purification.

How does Ozone work?

Mold-Kill ozone generators help eliminate odors
by attacking them at the source.

Whole House In Duct Air Purifiers
If you are looking for a WHOLE HOUSE air purifier realize that there is
NO tabletop unit, of ANY BRAND that can accomplish this task.
ONLY a unit that fires ozone into the air ducts, 
like the Air-Duct 2000 can evenly distribute ozone throughout the ENTIRE home.
Ozone or ions cannot pass through walls.

Whole House In Duct Ozone Generator 
Air-Duct 2000
The Air-Duct 2000 can purify the air in an entire home because it fires ozone directly into your air handling system.
It can purify the air and removes odors
In entire homes, offices, restaurants, and bars.
Built in Burst Timer for air purification
in small or large areas.
Totally Automatic Operation
CLICK HERE to learn more about the Air-Duct 2000!
Purify Air in an ENTIRE home or business!

How to use Ozone for 
Air Purification

For air purification the unit should be placed on 
the opposite side of the room, away from the occupants.

The idea is to have it purify the air between you and it,
and to not breathe directly out of the machine.

Ozone is heavier than air so that mounting the unit up high is wise.
Using a fan to properly distribute the ozone throughout the room is helpful.

Start by the ozone level on lowest setting, and work the ozone level up slowly as needed.

The ozone level will dependent entirely upon the size of the area,
and the severity of the odor problem, or number of smokers in the room.

Adjust ozone level so that the air smells fresher and problem odor can not be detected. 

Ozone will begin by having a fresh, sweet, rain type odor. This is the level recommended for air purification.

There is no reason to turn the ozone level higher at this point. If too much ozone is present the air will begin to have a bleachy, chlorine smell. If it begins to smell like that it means that the ozone level is set to high for air purification and should be at a lower ozone setting. 

If there are 10 smokers in the room, and 9 leave, the ozone level should be turned down.

If the ozone level is not turned down when the bleachy smell is detected people may notice throat and nose irritations as well as a headaches.

As the odor is removed from the area the ozone level should be turned down.

If a bleachy irritating odor is present,
the ozone level is set too high!

 If the air smells bleachy turn the ozone generator off!

If the odor returns or you want to make the air smell fresh again turn the ozone generator back on it's lowest level.

In many instances the unit may only need to be on for a few minutes before the area if freshened by the ozone and the generator can then be turned off.

If the air smells bleachy turn the ozone generator off!

Ozone generators are not set and forget air purifiers

When ozone is used for air purification it need to be constantly monitored so that the level does not get too high. This is known when the ozone gets the "bleachy smell".
There are some instances in which the lowest ozone setting can be chosen, and the unit may be run continuously. But realize that the ozone level may reach an annoying level fairly quickly and the unit turned down or off. All our units are very strong.

The recommended levels of ozone for air purification are between  0.01 parts per million & 0.05 ppm. The nose begins to detect the "sweet smell" of ozone around 0.01ppm. So as long as you do not let the "fresh smell" turn in to the "bleachy smell" it is generally accepted that the ozone level is within recommended safe levels.

If there are still concerns about the ozone level being acceptable, a portable ozone meter such as the the EZ-1X Ozone Sensor will monitor ozone levels in occupied spaces. 
It can be used to monitor ozone levels in a home, restaurant, bar, or in any other space where ozone is meant to be kept at recommended level around humans & animals.

It constantly monitors ozone levels by displaying them on a multi colored bar graph.  The green,  yellow, &  red bar graph is easy to read and is easy to understand by non technical personnel.

Click Here for more information

If the ozone level can get so high so quickly,
then why are the machines made so powerful?

Why is a high ozone output so important?

A high parts per million concentration is a MUST to kill bacteria and 
Mold Spores!

An ozone generator should have the ability to perform a
High Ozone Shock Treatment
which is designed to kill bacteria and remove  serious odors such as mold.

Any set and forget air purifier that only puts out an ozone level no higher than a 0.1ppm is 
not capable of achieving a high enough ozone level to
effectively kill germs and remove serious odors.

Ozone levels below 0.01PPM cannot kill bacteria efficiently.

With a true high powered ozone generator you can SHOCK TREAT unoccupied rooms to kill bacteria, and mold in specific sized rooms.

Ozone naturally decays back to oxygen in about 30 minutes to an hour. Because of that fact an under powered machine will not have the ability to develop a high enough ozone concentration in an area to kill bacteria. Ozone is constantly reverting back to oxygen so that it may never have a chance to build to an effective parts per million level to do much good.

If you want a set and forget unit to control dust, we recommend an Austin Air HEPA Filter.

Which is the best generator to use for 
air purification in an average sized room?

The best ozone generator for a normal sized room is the XT-400 or the XT-800 because the user has the most possible control over the ozone level. 

With it's ozone burst level settings from 2, 5, 10, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, or 60 seconds per minute it can achieve very low ozone levels when needed. 

The included remote control allows the user the ability to turn the ozone level down, or the unit off, before the ozone level rises to an irritating level. 

The XT-800 is also a great unit because it comes with a "Half Power Switch" that can turn an XT-800 into an XT-400 instantly!

XT-400 / XT-800
Remote Controlled Ozone Generator / Air Purifier


Fully variable ozone output control
from 5 - 400
Zero Nitrogen Oxides

Patented ozone generation
Zero nitrogen oxides

The Air-Zone XT-400 / XT-800 is the worlds first remote controlled air purifier / ozone generator.
It is designed for air cleaning & odor removal of medium to large sized rooms. It features a brand new patented method of corona discharge ozone generation, that's the latest in 21st century technological design.

It is our most popular model because it's complete versatility for uses in air purification in normal sized rooms and the ability of performing High Ozone Shock Treatments for the removal of serious odors.

Providing air cleaning & odor control in bedrooms, offices, and rooms up to 40' X 40' or larger.
The XT-400 can also be used to give shock treatments in small areas to combat strong odors.
For stronger odors or strong cigarette smoke found in bars the XT-800 is the recommended model.
The fully variable ozone control & built in timer make it perfect for use in occupied areas.

With it's remote controller, the user has control options
never before available in any air cleaner / ozone generator! 

The remote turns the unit on and off, as well as controlling the ozone output, fan speed, and the built in timer - all from across the room!
There has never been a more versatile ozone generator ever before!

The problem with most air cleaners is that they are just not strong enough, or they are too strong as to be overpowering. Getting up to walk across the room to adjust the ozone 5-10 times an hour can be annoying. 
With the remote control you are less likely to over use ozone, which makes this a safer machine to operate.
With the wireless remote you can now control exactly the amount of ozone you want, as easy as changing the channel on your TV!

Even with the remote control the XT-400 is still priced
of our competitors machines!!!

They produce zero nitrogen oxides that can make some air cleaners dangerous and offensive.

Powerful enough to clean the air in a bedroom, living room, or office, 40 feet by 40 feet or larger in a matter of minutes!  For bars , smoking areas, or restaurants the XT-800 has the extra power needed. 

Great for removing tough odors in medium to large sized areas. Combats mold and mildew odors with high ozone shock treatments by attacking the offending organisms. 
Great for removing odors in cars. Auto Restorations.

The easy to operate Electronic Control Panel & Remote Control operates all the functions including on/off, ozone level from 1-10, and the 3-speed fan. The unit even remembers where you had the unit set last when you turn it on again!

The "Burst Level Control" on the XT-400 enables the user to set short intervals of ozone "bursts" that make this unit extremely versatile for room air purification.

This will burst the ozone on for either 2, 5, 10, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, or 60 seconds per minute, thereby creating a lower total ozone output.
That means this unit can be used in the smallest of rooms without the ozone from becoming overpowering. 

In addition there is a 10 - 90 minute countdown timer on the units so that bacteria killing High Ozone Shock Treatments can be performed easily in unoccupied rooms.


The XT-400 & XT-800 are made inside and out from structurally reinforced
High Impact Rust & Oxidation Proof Plastic.

The XT-400 & XT-800 are designed to be a low maintenance, reliable machines.

The Patented Xetin Ozone Elements last for years, and are easily replaceable in 10 minutes with a Phillips head screwdriver. The elements are in a permanently molded housing, and require no adjustments whatsoever. They are also extremely low cost to replace.

An electronic protection circuit and a fuse prevent the internal components from overload & burnout.
The easy-to-replace, inexpensive 3M filter pad lasts for months, & keeps the inside of the unit dust free.
10 filter pads are included with every unit, and similar replacement filters cost pennies at 
Home Depot and other hardware stores.

The XT-400 & XT-800 are very strong units, Don't be fooled by their small size. 
They rarely needs to be set above the lowest setting to clean the air in most rooms!
They has the highest ozone output for any ozone generators available for their price , anywhere!

It blows the doors off any standard ionizer!

For more severe odors, or greater air cleaning capacity see, Click on our Models  page.

It is the best ozone generator for air purification available anywhere!

Ozone Output Per Hour: 13 mg/hr - 400 mg/hr
Ozone Generation Method: US Patented Xetin Corona Discharge Elements
Ozone Air Flow Rate: 37 CFM with a quiet precision ball bearing fan
Electrical Source: AC 110V-120V, 60 Hz
Electrical Consumption: 0.09 Amp, 10 Watts
Dimensions:  11.38" X 4.24"  X 4.65" 
CLICK HERE for more info on the XT-400


Price; $329.99
Ozone Output Per Hour: 13 mg/hr - 800 mg/hr
Ozone Generation Method: US Patented Xetin Corona Discharge Elements
Ozone Air Flow Rate: 37 CFM with a quiet precision ball bearing fan
Electrical Source: AC 110V-120V, 60 Hz
Electrical Consumption: 0.2 Amp, 20 Watts
Dimensions:  11.38" X 4.24" X 4.65"
CLICK HERE for more info on the XT-800


Price; $439.99

For more serious mold problems we recommend our High Output XT Blasters.

These machines cannot be used for air purification, 
but are a must for destroying serious mold contamination's.
Please call us at 757-465-1121 if you need a sizing recommendation.

It is a proven fact that ozone KILLS mold.
Click Here for scientific proof.

XT High Powered Series
Professional High Powered Ozone Generators
Patented Xetin Ozone
Produces Zero Nitrogen Oxides
21st Century High Tech Design

2000 - 4000 - 6000 mg/hr!

Sturdy Reinforced High Impact 
Rust & Oxidation Proof PVC Case & Chassis

Industry Standard 4" Intake & Output Vents
Internal Electronic Overload Protection
Virtually Maintenance Free

Click Here to see more pictures
Highest Ozone Output for the price anywhere!

Fully Variable Ozone Control with Timer
Price $549.99
Price $674.99
Price $799.99

The  XT High Powered Series are the most advanced professional high powered ozone generators ever produced. 

The patented Xetin Ozone elements are found only in MOLD-KILL Ozone Generators
produce Zero Nitrogen Oxides.

They are designed for odor removing high ozone shock treatments of unoccupied areas. 

They feature a brand new patented method of corona discharge ozone generation, that's the latest in 21st century technological design.

The new style, patented ozone generator elements inside the unit require no maintenance. 
They produce Zero Nitrogen Oxides that can make some ozone generators dangerous and offensive.

The XT High Powered Series is priced below any of our competitors.
It is a more reliable unit, and has more ozone output per dollar.

How does Ozone work?
Ozone kills the offending organisms of mold and bacteria.

Combats mold and mildew odors with high ozone shock treatments by attacking and destroying the offending organisms. These are the machines homeowners and professionals use to kill mold spores in high humidity and flooding situations.

Great for removing smoke & mold odors in Basements, Motel Rooms, Restaurants, and Bars.
Operates at full ozone power even in high humidity environments.  Works to help oxidize mold.

Industry Standard 4" Reinforced Intake & Output Vents allow for easy  routing of ozone to any desired area.

With it's features and 21'st century design the Air-Zone XT High Powered Series are the most advanced ozone generator ever designed.

MOLD-KILL XT High Powered Series Ozone Generators
help destroy, not just cover up these kinds of odors;

Household Odors
Indoor Air Pollution
Fire & Flood Restorations
Mold & Mildew 
Hotel / Motel Rooms
New Carpeting Fumes
Smoking Lounges
Pet Odors
Boat Bilge Odors
Chemical Fumes
Garbage Areas
Auto Restorations
Vermin & Pest Control
Furniture Restorations
Clothing Restorations

The XT High Powered Series are designed
to be low maintenance, reliable machines.

Remember the ONLY way to compare ozone generators or air purifiers
is by the output in milligrams per hour.
Square footage ratings by other manufacturers are meaningless!
It is the total ozone output in milligrams per hour that counts!
Please CLICK HERE for ozone generator sizing considerations.

Mold-Kill sells only Air-Zone® brand ozone generators.

Old style ozone "plates" may create large amounts of 
Nitrogen Oxides which are offensive, irritating, and dangerous.

Air-Zone's patented ozone elements are in a permanently molded housing, that require NO adjustment whatsoever. 
They also do not produce any measurable amounts of Nitrogen Oxides.

Our elements use 24 carat gold plating on our elements internal components to help prevent corrosion. 
The use of high temperature, shatter resistant tempered glass is also incorporated in our innovative U.S. Patented ozone elements.

Old style ozone "plates" consist of flimsy easily corroded steel screens and delicate thin pieces of glass or mica which must ALWAYS be in perfect alignment.

We do not use MICA ozone plates in our ozone generators.

MICA is the cheapest and worst material to use in an ozone plate. 
MICA easily breaks, flakes apart, burns, and shorts out the generator. 
Stay far away from any ozone generator using a MICA ozone plate.

Click Here to learn why our US patented ozone elements are far superior than "old style" mica ozone plates.

If not cleaned and aligned constantly, old style ozone "plates" will produce less ozone, and possibly even spark out dangerous high voltage electricity.

Air-Zone's® patented ozone elements solve all these problems.

Old style ozone "plates", first designed in the 1800's,  must be removed, scrubbed clean, dried, and be meticulously reassembled, or they will not work correctly. Even with all that work, their life span is notoriously short.

Air-Zone's® low cost, patented ozone elements can be quickly cleaned with the special included element cleaning tool we include with every ozone generator.  They can be replaced in minutes with a screwdriver.

Old style mica ozone "plates" consist of 4 separate parts. Each of the 40 pieces in A 10,000 mg/hr ozone generator must be meticulously installed and aligned for the ozone machine to work properly.

Our corona discharge elements work much better than UV Ultraviolet bulbs.  General Electric, the manufacturer or UV bulbs, states that ultraviolet light does not kill mold.

Ozone Elements

We DON'T use cheap, outdated
MICA ozone plates like these:

Why use outdated 
100+ year old ozone plate
technology when 
has the patented
the no adjustment necessary
ozone element?!!

The Countdown Timer runs the machine for  10, 20, 30, minutes, or up to 2 1/2 hours and then it shuts the unit off.

The Continuous mode allows for longer, or overnight applications. 
It's smart chip remembers the timer setting last set even if the unit is unplugged!

The XT High Powered Series is priced below any of our competitors.
It is a more reliable unit, and has more ozone output per dollar.

The XT High Powered Series are the highest powered, most advanced ozone generators available for their prices anywhere!

It is a proven fact that ozone KILLS mold.
Click Here for scientific proof.

The  XT High Powered Series is made inside and out from structurally reinforced
High Impact Rust & Oxidation Proof PVC Plastic.

PVC plastic is very sturdy and prevents internal rust and oxidation.
Even the electronics are encased in silicone to prevent any oxidation of the internal components.
In other words, these units will not self deteriorate in a high ozone environment as many other ozone generators do.

An electronic protection circuit and fuse prevent the internal components from overload & burnout.

The easy-to-replace, 3M filters are only $2.00 each, and lasts for months. 
They keep the inside of the unit dust free so that ozone output does not drop as in may ozone generators as they become dirty.

Uses very little electricity. Completely portable.
Multiple XT-6000's can be used at the same time for even more ozone output power.

These units are not meant for occupied areas, as they are too powerful to be turned down to acceptable air purification ozone levels. They are only to be used in unoccupied spaces.

Two Years Parts and Labor Complete Warranty.

Technical specifications

Rated Ozone Output -XT-2000: 
335 mg/hr - 2000 mg/hr

Rated Ozone Output -XT-4000: 
 650 mg/hr - 4000 mg/hr

Rated Ozone Output -XT-6000:
XT-6000: 1000 mg/hr - 6000 mg/hr

Ozone Generation Method: US Patented corona
107 CFM Heavy Duty Fan with precision ball bearings
Ozone Air Flow Rate: 82 CFM
Built in Electronic Timer: 10 - 60 minutes
Reinforced High Impact,
Oxidation Proof PVC Case & Chassis
4" Industry Standard Reinforced Intake & Output Vents
Electrical Source: AC 110V- 120V, 60 Hz
Electrical Consumption: 1.0/1.5 Amp
Fused: 2 Amps
Dimensions: 21.5"X 5.63" X 5.63"
Weight - 10 lb..

 XT High Powered Series

CLICK HERE to read more about our high powered XT model Ozone Generators
Price $549.99
Price $674.99
Price $799.99

Mold-Kill carries the worlds best high quality true HEPA filters.
Perfect for a living room or a bedroom!
Austin Air Filters are affordable and far better than store bought filters
These are the best HEPA air filters made!
5 year main HEPA Filter Warranty - The BEST in the Business!
Out Performs ANY Store Bought Filter
For those situations when dust, pollen, mold spores,
and pet dander need to be filtered out of the air.

Austin Air HEPA Filters offer the most affordable solution available.
Ionizers can't "remove" any dust from your home, but an Austin Air HEPA Filter can!

Much higher quality than store bought air filters, all these filters come with a 5 year warranty.
CLICK HERE to see all our professional True HEPA Filters.

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It is a proven fact that ozone KILLS mold.
Click Here for scientific proof.

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